Lobby for change to get on the #RightTrack


Getting on the #RightTrack is up to all of us

In 2016 our Government tried to pass laws that would stop people who sought asylum by sea since July 2013 from ever setting foot in Australia. Labor leader, Bill Shorten, described these proposed laws as “ridiculous”. He’s right, and Labor committed to voting against these cruel laws.

Since the Government's policy was announced, thousands of people have contacted their MPs and Senators personally. This response helped stop these laws and showed what happens when our community stands together for decency and fairness. This is what getting on the #RightTrack looks.

We need Labor and crossbench Senators to maintain their commitment to voting against the law if it is ever brought before the Senate. We now need to demonstrate the strength of public support for refugees and people seeking asylum.

In 2017 will you call your MP and Senators and ask them to commit to voting against this law?

As the daughter of a man who risked his life to seek asylum by boat, Gulima personally knows what it means to have a chance to escape persecution and build a life of peace in Australia. 

She is asking you to join her in calling on MPs and Senators to vote against this inhumane law in Parliament.

There is a simple and effective thing you can do to stop this awful proposal. Call your MP and Senators and ask them to stand for decency and commit to blocking these laws.

It is time to bring people to safety in our community, where their claims can be properly assessed, and where people can be supported through genuine pathways towards permanent protection and citizenship.

As a community we can act to change these unfair policies. Help us send a message to our government by calling your Federal MP and Senators and tell them it's time to get on the #RightTrack to becoming a welcoming community.

Email us and let us know how you went.

Call your local MP or state Senators

Call your MP and Senators and tell them you want change

You can find the name and contact details of your local representative via the Australian Parliament House website. Simply enter your postcode to find the details for Members and Senators and their electorate offices.

Find your MP

What our community wants:

  • We must end our cruel detention system and focus on assessing people’s cases for asylum in a safe space while they rebuild their lives in our community
  • We need a refugee determination process that is fair and which treats all people seeking asylum with dignity and respect
  • We must restore funding for legal assistance and support the right to legal representation for applying for protection visas
  • We must ensure permanent, not temporary, protection for everyone


Tips for calling an MP’s office:

  • First state your name and let the person know that the MP you’re calling is your local member, if that’s the case
  • Ask to leave a message
  • Explain what you’re asking [use the right wording i.e. “I am calling to ask [MP’s full name] to support ending offshore detention of people seeking asylum and bringing them here. “]
  • Explain why you’re asking it (choose three main reasons and write them down just in case)
  • Ask for the MP or Senator to follow up on the call as this keeps them accountable
  • Thank them for passing on the message
  • Speak from the heart, be polite, and make sure you get your point across
  • Don’t rush and don’t worry about impatient staff – just stay relaxed, clear and polite.


Skeleton script if you want more guidance:

Hi, my name is ______________________ [full name], from ____________________ [suburb, state].

I want to speak to ________________ [MP’s full name].

If they are unavailable: In that case I would like to leave a message for __________________ [MP’s full name].

I am calling today in regards to our government’s current system of harsh, unfair and unjust treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

We need to change.

We know that our government’s system of indefinite detention is cruel and abusive.

We know that our current refugee determination process is unfair and directly affects 11,000 people in Victoria and over 24,000 nationally right now.

I am calling to ask ________________ [MP’s full name] to support the right of people seeking asylum to a refugee determination process that treats all people fairly and with respect.

I would like you to make a note of the reasons I am asking ________________ [MP’s name] to hear the community’s call to commit to creating a fairer system that treats people seeking asylum with dignity and respect.

[Tell them what you want to see happen – see potential ideas above] I would like to hear from the MP about what their plan is to restore dignity to our whole community and protect people seeking asylum from harm and abuse.

Thank you.

Finally we’d like you to tell us about the experience. Let us know who you called and how it went by completing the form on the right. Together we can hold our politicians to account and call on them to change.

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ABC 774 Melbourne
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ABC 612 Brisbane
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ABC 105.7 Darwin
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ABC 666 Canberra
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ABC Radio National
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Regional ABC radio You can also find the contact details for your local regional ABC radio stations.  



The Age
Post: Letter to the Editor PO Box 257C City Mail Processing Centre MELBOURNE VIC 8000
Email:  letters@theage.com.au
Submit online: The Age
The Age guide to writing letters to the editor
The Herald Sun
Post: The Editor The Herald Sun PO Box 14999 MELBOURNE VIC 8001 Submit online: Herald Sun – Letters to the editor
Leader newspapers Send a letter to your local Leader newspaper.  

New South Wales

Sydney Morning Herald
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Daily Telegraph
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South Australia
Courier Mail
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The Advertiser
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The West Australian
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The Mercury
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Northern Territory


NT News
Post: GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 Printers Place, McMinn Street, Darwin, NT, 0800
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Canberra Times
Post: PO Box 7155, Canberra Mail Centre ACT, 2610
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Local regional newspapers
The Australian
Post: GPO Box 4245 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
Email: letters@theaustralian.com.au
You can find comprehensive state-based lists of local regional newspapers at the newspapers.com.au site.

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