#RightTrack - Call your MP and Senators!

Step 1: Find your MP and Senators

You can find the name and contact details of your local representative via the Australian Parliament House website. Simply enter your postcode to find the details for Members and Senators and their electorate offices. Find your MP

Step 2: Prepare what you want to say

Find a 'Call your MP/Senator' guide using the conversation framework here!

Tips for calling an MP’s office:

- State your name and let the person know that the MP/Senator you’re calling is your representative, if that’s the case

- Ask to speak with your MP/Senator, and if they're not available leave a message

- Think carefully about your ask - see tips below!

- Ask for the MP or Senator to get back to you about the action they have taken to #LetThemStay

- Don’t rush and don’t worry about impatient staff – just stay relaxed, clear and polite.

- Ask the staffer what they think - this helps open the conversation

- Thank them for passing on the message

Tailoring your ask

Explain your position (using the conversation framework!) and what you want your MP/Senator to do.

- If your local MP/Senator is in Government (ie. Liberal or Nationals), ask them to tell Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to #LetThemStay on your behalf

- If your local MP/Senator is in Opposition (ie. Labor), thank them for speaking out and ask them to change their policy to grant asylum to people who came by sea - living here now and on Nauru and Manus Island - and be resettled here in Australia.

- If your local MP/Senator is in a minor party or an independent, ask them to raise your concerns with the Government in Question Time. 

What we stand for:

- We must treat people seeking asylum with dignity and respect, not deny them basic support and intimidate them into returning to Nauru and Manus Island where they face danger and an uncertain future.

- We must #LetThemStay - people living in our community who now have lives here, have experienced unacceptable treatment in detention already, and should have their cases for asylum assessed here while they live in safety.

- Our Government must fairly and efficiently assess people's applications for asylum as soon as possible, and grant them permanent (not temporary) protection visas so they can finally rebuild their lives in peace.

- Our Government must quickly resettle people who are still waiting for freedom on Nauru and Manus Island in a safe community so they can get on with their lives.


Step 3: Make your calls - good luck!


Step 4: Debrief with others

Debrief about your experience in the #RightTrack Conversations Facebook group or by filling in the feedback form below!

And if you don't hear from your MP/Senator within two weeks, follow up!

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