Refugees are just like us

The Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale appealed to those making bad laws targeting refugees, migrants and asylum seekers to change their attitude and instead create a wonderful environment that respects humanity in Australia.

Speaking at a Walk Together 2017 for freedom, where different organisations including Asylum Seeker Resource Centre ASRC joined hands to show the positives that refugees have brought to Australia on October 21 in Melbourne, The Senator said that referring to them as refugees, Asylum Seekers or migrants does not remove the fact that they are human and should be treated like humans are supposed to be treated.

“We are here today to reflect on what it is that makes we Australians human or not.  Love for the country is not about celebrating the difference that exists amongst us but embracing humanity and that is what the world is looking for in us,” said Di Natale before hundreds of well-wishers marched through the Melbourne streets.

“Let us move out and talk to the refugees. Let us learn from them as this will help us build the imaginary bridges that are being broken by such laws. They are people out there determined  to divide us by making bad laws but we have to keep on fighting these laws that are leading us to racial discrimination,” he added.

Di Natalie said that the country sometimes commits its forces to fight in these countries forcing these people to flee and it has the same responsibility of seeing that they offer them  the best life they can since they were part of the problem that forced them out of their countries.

He said that rather than imprisoning them and stripping them off their humanity, something better can be done.

“We can do what Australians have always done, to open our hearts and welcome the nations because they help us to better our ways. This (Australia) nation has a history of being welcoming and caring for humanity and we do not need to bury it here,” he added.

ASRC CEO Kon Karapanagiotidis appealed to all to rally together so that they can achieve what they are fighting for, being true and being fair to each other.

“These (the refugees mostly those in detention) are people with extra ordinary courage, resilience and enterprising. If they don’t break, we will not break. We know the importance of standing together for our values of seeing that we respect humanity.”

“These are not values of Australia but they are values of mankind. Our marching on the streets united is not a political issue but it is a humanity issue touching every soul,” he said.


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