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    #EvacuateNow Samuel and everyone on Manus and Nauru, needing medical treatment to Australia

    Australian doctors are increasingly concerned for the medical condition of people seeking asylum and refugees on Manus and Nauru.

    Australian Border Force (ABF) has been blocking or delaying medical transfers for people to access urgent medical treatment for complex and serious conditions like heart attacks, kidney stones and neurological damage.

    ABF is repeatedly ignoring diagnosis and recommendations of treating doctors and medical specialists, while people’s health deteriorates and they are kept in prolonged physical and mental pain and distress.

    Our indefinite mandatory detention system continues to traumatise vulnerable people and abuse their human right to medical care.

    Read more on Khan’s story on Nauru or listen to the ABC Radio National Breakfast report.


    Australian doctors concerned for the medical conditions of refugees and people seeking asylum on Manus and Nauru

    ABC 7.30 report has exposed Australian officials exerting political influence to delay and deny urgent medical treatment for people detained on Nauru.

    Dr Nick Martin was in the role of Senior Medical Officer on Nauru from November 2016 to August 2017.

    Having worked in some of the toughest places in the world over 16 years as a doctor with the British Navy, he has been so shocked and traumatised by his time on Nauru that he has spoken out at great personal risk.

    This is a highly ethical doctor living up to his professional obligations, and a brave Australian.

    Even after several deaths on both Nauru and Manus as a result of lack of timely medical care, and several inquests, it is clear that the Australian government continues to brazenly place people’s lives at risk for political gain.

    The government and the opposition cannot continue to ignore the humanitarian crisis unfolding in our offshore detention facilities.

    Everyone who needs treatment on Manus and Nauru must be medically evacuated and brought to Australia now.

    Call Julie Bishop MP and tell her that people seeking asylum on Manus and Nauru who need medical care, be brought here.


    Step 1: Prepare what you want to say

    What we stand for:

    - We must treat people seeking asylum with dignity and respect, not deny them basic support and intimidate them

    - Everyone who needs treatment must be medically evacuated and brought to Australia now. We must #BringThemHere


    Tips for calling Julie Bishop's office:

    - State your name and let the person know who you are

    - Ask to speak with Julie Bishop and/or leave a message

    - Think carefully about your ask and make your pitch about why you care.

    - Ask Julie Bishop to bring everyone who needs treatment on Manus and Nauru to be medically evacuated and brought to Australia now.

    - Don’t rush and don’t worry about impatient staff – just stay relaxed, clear and polite.

    - Ask the staffer what they think - this helps open the conversation

    - Thank them for passing on the message


    Step 2: Call Julie Bishop's office


    Step 3: Debrief with others

    Debrief about your experience by filling in the feedback form below or email us at - We'd love to hear about your experience!

    And if you don't hear from your MP/Senator within two weeks, follow up!

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