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  • I phoned Bill Shorten’s Melbourne Office last week. They said as it was a national matter ( I also expressed thoughts about Centrelink), so I should phone Canberra or send him an email. I sent the email. I received an automatic reply saying they are working through the correspondence and would refer it to the shadow minister.

    Poor Australia with these politicians!
  • I called Bill Shorten’s electorate office and spoke to a receptionist. As expected, Mr Shorten was not in the office but I was able to express my opinion that our country needs someone with the political courage to take leadership and bring these asylum seekers to Australia, instead of trying to palm off the problem onto another nation.

    She was happy to hear me, and echoed it back to me to make sure she had heard what I said.
  • Malcolm Turnbull’s and Bill Shorten’s parliamentary office.

    Expressed my concerns, said I had been working as volunteer for refugee rights group for 3 years, had grave concerns for asylum seekers on Manus an Nauru, didn’t believe that the US deal was viable or safe,people should be brought here.

    Expressed desire for Bipartisan approach to Bill Shorten’s assistant.

    Both officials said my concerns would be passed on to leaders.
  • Bill Shorten’s office staff member said they would pass on my message
  • I just rang the Prime Minister’s office – a recorded message said the mailbox was full.
  • Feedback
  • Called Prime Minister’s Office and Bill Shorten’s office and told them I expected better leadership and for the people on Manus and Nauru to be brought here immediately. Both offices listened, were sympathetic and said they’d pass on the message. I told Bill’s office that as a progressive I couldn’t support the ALP until it offered an alternative to the coalition on this issue.
  • Malcolm Turnbull’s electoral office – I spoke to the woman who answered the phone who told me they were logging all the calls. I also rang Craig Kelly’s electoral office and left my message on his voicemail. No response.
  • I"m based in Europe at this time, so all i can do, and always do anyway,is to help with tweets on Twitter!
  • I will be at a town hall meeting with Bill Shorten tomorrow. Will let you know what he says
  • Bill Shorten. Said I was very concerned at what Turnbull had agreed to and that it was time for the political games to stop. A one off amnesty should be arranged so that all those in Manus & Nauru were brought here. Was politely received and agreed with and was told the message would certainly be passed on. But they always say that.

    Turnbull’s office did not answer.
  • I emailed The PM & my loval MP Kellie O’Dwyer. I have had no response yet
  • I called Malcolm Turnbull but the office was closed and there was no facility for leaving a message. I called Bill Shorten and left a strong message on his answering machine. I will try the PM again next week.
  • I rang all four numbers. I got all four answering machines, as the time difference (I’m currently living in Italy) meant I missed the office hours. I did however leave a message on all four machines. I urged them both to please close the camps and bring all of those people to Australia as we have both the community and the resources to help them.
  • Called PM’s office & Bill Shorten’s office. Both took statements & said they would be passed on, Bill Shorten’s office recorded name & suburb.
  • Turnbull’s office in Canberra. I was asked where I was calling from. I gave a brief rundown of why I’m angry about the lack of resolution on Manus and Nauru, and the govt must close the camps and bring them here at least temporarily until a permanent solution is found. She said the comment will be passed on.
  • The Prime Minister’s parliamentary office. A person called Jen answered, I stated my objection to our government’s refugee resettlement agreement with the USA and asked for the government to settle the refugees in Australia. She noted my comments politely, will pass the message on and the conversation ended.
  • malcolm turnbull’s office said they would pass the message on. I told them to make SURE they did.

    bill shorten’s office – told them also to pass the message on, that we are ALL SICK of it, it’s making us ashamed to be australian. In fact we’re behind in SO many things now…
  • PM and Leader of the Opposition
  • I called Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbulls Parliamentary offices and left messages for both. Specifically, I asked both to show leadership and close was camps and bring all asylum seekers and refugees here. I also said that the community were sick of the political football match bring plates with the lives of innocent people. In both cases, staffers were polite and said they’d pass my concerns on. Shortens office were slightly more forthcoming, saying she’d “be happy to pass on my message” (for what that’s worth) .
  • I called Turnbull and Shorten’s parliamentary offices. First gave them my name & contact details and said I’d like a reply. Then made short, strong appeals to close the camps, act responsibly, etc. They said my comments would be passed along. I said I hoped they were receiving many calls on this issue. Shorten’s office person replied “only about 10 per minute” -Great! Let’s keep up the pressure.
  • Malcom Turnbulls office , no answer and eventually they hung up. Will try again
  • Prime Minister’s Office. The person answering sounded a bit jaded and just said, yes, that will be passed on. Asked me what city I was calling from.
  • I called the PM’s electoral office first where no one answered and it rang through til the connection terminated. I then rang his electoral office where the phone was picked up straight away. I spoke briefly about why I wanted the camps closed and those seeking asylum brought here. The lady said she’d pass the sentiment on. When I asked whether she wanted any of my details she said they were just taking a tally.
  • I called the PM’s office and Bill Shorten’s. While the PM’s office took a statement and said the message would be passed on, Shorten’s only said they’d received a large volume of calls and asked if I’d also like them to show leadership.
  • PM – I phoned his Parliamentary office. Identified myself and explained why I think the refugees should be brought here. Also referred to the pregnant woman who is so ill. The receptionist told me this is ‘in hand’. She asked from where I was calling. Her manner seemed dismissive to me but she said she would pass the message on,
  • Make yourself heard. Speak up for refugees and call your reps, tell them to #bringthemhere
  • Make yourself heard. Speak up for refugees and call your reps, tell them to #bringthemhere
  • Turnbull,Shorten, Templeman
  • I called Malcolm Turnbull’s office. Expressed my points as quickly and politely as possible (email bullet points were helpful as I was very nervous). They put me on hold, then asked me where I was calling from (NSW), Told me that they’ve received a lot of similar calls today and that they’d pass my comments along.