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  • Peaceful Action & Creative Campaigning


    What do you do when an organisation and/or the media refuse to meaningfully engage with an issue? Do something visible and disruptive so that they have to engage with it!

    That’s what the Artists’ Committee did when they organised their protest against the NGV’s contract with Wilson Security, doing stunts like dying the water of the NGV pond red and covering a famous painting with a black veil.

    In light of their recent win, YAP is holding a workshop on non-violent direct action. As an creative form of action that draws mass attention to an issue, it’s a particularly effective way to generate awareness about the issues affecting people seeking asylum.

    Come along and learn about the principles of non-violent direct action and how you can plan your own action!


    More info and details about our speakers TBA.

    We’ll bring the snacks, you bring your friends!

    Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 03:00 PM · 51 rsvps
    Mercy Hub in Carlton, Australia
    51 RSVPs