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It is clear that Manus Island and Nauru are completely unsafe for refugees and people seeking asylum.

The people on Manus Island and Nauru must be brought to safety in our community. The evidence is clear, Australia’s cruel, off-shore detention system, is unsafe, damaging and imperils people's lives.

As a community we cannot turn away and ignore the deplorable situation our government has created. It is time to end the system of abuse and bring people to safety in our community.

The Australian Government has been avoiding facing the reality of its own policy’s failure. Now, we, as a community, must show them the way forward.

#LetThemStay showed that more people than ever supported allowing people seeking asylum already in Australia to move into our communities. Now, we must prove definitively that our shared compassion extends to those on Manus Island and Nauru – and that the government must follow the public, and bring those in its abusive camps to safety in Australia.

Take action. Sign our petition calling on our government to #BringThemHere.

Close the camps. End the abuse. #BringThemHere

Take action. Sign our petition calling on our government to #BringThemHere.

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  • Your organisation is doing inspiring work, thank you. Let’s get these vulnerable people, innocent human beings no different to us, back here where they can be safe and supported and we can all help them get back on their feet.
  • No human is illegal!. Australia needs to open its heart and learn to share instead of just take. We are all trying to survive life, some have it so much harder. Those that have more need to give more.
  • It is Australia’s responsibility to care for asylum seekers who reach Australian territory.
  • Sign the petition to #Bring Them Here:
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  • Bryce Allen
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