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    Young people are key to any social movement for change. We are motivated to build a future with people seeking asylum and refugees where people in need of safety and security can find it in our community.

    The Youth Action Project is a platform meaningfully engaging young people in the refugee justice movement and mobilises them around refugee rights campaigns, like #RightTrack.


    Who is it for?

    YAP is a community of young people under 30 taking action to support the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees in our community.



    - Gain in-depth knowledge about issues facing people seeking asylum
    - Learn from and listen to people with lived experience of seeking asylum
    - Take part in campaigns creating positive change for people seeking asylum
    - Gain practical skills to be part of that positive change
    - Have some fun while you advocate
    - Have a great time with like-minded people
    - Be challenged in a safe and supportive space


    What do we do?

    As a community across the country with hubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, YAP members get behind refugee movement campaigns like #BringThemHere and #CloseTheCamps. We also take a lead role in community campaigns like #RightTrack in our local areas.

    On top of all of this, YAP is a community where YAP members learn about issues affecting people seeking asylum with lived experience centred in that learning process. YAP member-led initiatives flourishsuch as groups visiting detention and volunteering opportunities in the refugee movement open up.


    Join the YAP Network now

    Being a part of YAP is to be part of a community of young people, from high school students, university students and young professionals connected by a vision for a fair future for people seeking asylum in our community.

    The first step is to join the YAP Network using the online form below. We’ll get in touch to invite you to join our Facebook group and get involved in the community right away!

    The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) recognises the importance of protecting the privacy and the rights of individuals in relation to their personal or sensitive information. Our privacy policy and full collection statement is available online at


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