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  • Freedom to own a pet

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    People applying for asylum in Australia have lost the freedom to own a pet.

    The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has issued a notice to people seeking asylum living in Australia with a policy restriction on pet ownership. 

    The Department can decide if people can own a dog, cat or even a gold fish.

    ASRC Director of Campaigns, Jana Favero said, "This is another terrifying display of arbitrary powers to decide the rights of people seeking asylum, this time their freedom to own a pet and the ability to take of care of their pet's health'. 

    Veterinarian at Best Mates charity vet clinic Jason Rapke said, "For people struggling in life, especially those with few family and friends, their pets can be a huge source of support and motivation.”

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    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull  


    Every person in Australia enjoys the right to enormous benefits of an animal's companionship. 


    The Victorian Government has granted every tenant the right to have a pet in their rented home. 


    Yet your Department of Immigration and Border Protection has a new policy removing the freedom to own a pet for people applying for asylum who live in Australia.


    People seeking asylum already experience high rates of mental ill health, isolation, depression and anxiety, much of it due to Australia's cruel and arduous process to apply for protection.


    Please reinstate this basic right to the companionship of a pet while people wait for their applications to be processed.

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    Around 600 Men remain on Manus. Food and water have been cut off, medical services leave tomorrow, Oct 31.

    Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea will not force people to leave while locals do not want them transferred to a facility in PNG.

    PNG is calling for Australia to find a solution. Yet our government remains silent.  

    The UN has called the shutdown of Manus detention centre a  looming humanitarian disaster with the threat of violence and forced transfer of detainees. 

    Listen to refugee Amir Tagnina's powerful message to the Australian community.

    Around 2000 people are stranded in offshore detention, 100s of men, women and children in dire need of medical treatment, without adequate healthcare. Cases of women suffering from discrimination and violence on Nauru have been hard at UN CEDAW. 

    Call our leaders and tell them break their silence to make a statement on #EvacuateNow and #BringThemHere 

    #FairProcess and the right to work 

    Minister Dutton's Fast Track process has placed 7000 people who have applied for protection at risk of losing the right to work, income support and access to medicare. 

    And 71 people who have missed the October 1 deadline face re-detention, deportation, loss of income support, medicare and the right to work. 

    Another 290 people brought here from Manus and Nauru for medical care are being put on a Final Departure Bridging Visa E and cut off from income support with no right to work.

    People are being forced into dependency and hopelessness.

    Humanitarian obligations 

     In our own backyard 600,000 Rohingya people are fleeing genocide in Myanmar while Australia stands by. 


    People seeking asylum deserve fairness, dignity and respect.

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    Call Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull 

    Community power is strong enough to change the policy, for good.



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