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  • #EvacuateNow Medical Emergency



    Labor, Greens and Independent leaders vote in support of New Zealand's offer to take 150 men from Manus

    On November 4, every Labor and Greens sitting member of Federal Parliament voted in support of safely resettling the 150 Manus refugees in New Zealand. Over 600 men on Manus are currently being held within incomplete, unsafe and inadequate nearby facilities.

    Together, let's say thank you for their leadership and ask them to keep fighting with us to end our inhumane indefinite mandatory detention system and #EvacuateNow.

    Ask your local MP if they voted yes, and say thank you!

    If they voted no, ask them why and tell them you support respect, fairness and dignity for refugees and people seeking asylum.

    Join our powerful community movement to #EvacuateNow

    Follow the steps below to prepare.

    Then call Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 02 6277 7700 and register your urgent request to #EvacuateNow everyone on Manus to Australia for medical treatment, before someone dies. 


    Tweet / post the response you get and tag the MP.


    Let's send a loud and clear message that Australians care about the human rights of people seeking asylum and will prevent men dying from treatable medical conditions. 

    Watch Manus medical emergency footage


    Join our movement by signing up below!

    Step 1: Prepare what you want to say 

    What we stand for:

    - We must treat people seeking asylum with dignity and respect, not deny them basic support and intimidate them

    Tips for calling MPs office:

    • State your name and let the person know who you are
    • Ask to speak with MP or leave a message
    • Think carefully about your ask and make your pitch
    • Ask your MP to stay true to it’s values; bring everyone on Manus and Nauru here and keep families together in Australia 
    • Don’t rush and don’t worry about impatient staff – just stay relaxed, clear and polite.
    • Ask the staffer what they think - this helps open the conversation
    • Thank them for passing on the message


    Step 2: Contact the Prime Minister and your MPs offices

    Find your local MP 


    Sample Script:

    Hello, my name is _____. I live in [suburb, electorate and state]

    I am calling today to ask {name ] MP / Senator to end the humanitarian crisis unfolding on Manus Island and Nauru by evacuating the 2000 refugees and people seeking asylum to Australia for medical treatment and safety. 

    Can I speak to the MP?

    Can I leave a message for [name] MP / Senator ?

    Does [name] MP / Senator know that refugees and people seeking asylum on Manus? 

    • have run out of water and don’t have working toilets
    • don’t have access to daily medication
    • are peacefully protesting because the facility they are being transferred to is not finished, has no security and therefore they are vulnerable to violence by local people who don’t want them there.

    Does [name]  MP / Senator know?

    Australian officials are exerting political influence to deny and delay doctor's directions for people detained on Nauru who need urgent medical treatment.

    I ask [name] MP / Senator to

    • please make a statement in the media and take responsibility
    • acknowledge that The PNG Prime Minister has asked the Australian Government to take responsibility for the crisis and safety of people on Manus seeking our protection
    • acknowledge that thousands of Australians want leadership on human rights 
    • respect Australia’s multiculturalism and acknowledge that our country is built by refugees and migrants 
    • end human rights abuses
    • we want you to #BringThemHere now

    Thank you very much for your time. Please pass on my message urgently. 


    Step 3: Tweet and post the response, tag the MP / Senator


    Step 4: Debrief with others

    Debrief about your experience by filling in the feedback form below or email us at - We'd love to hear about your experience!

    And if you don't hear from their offices within two weeks, follow up! 



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  • Tell the Prime Minister: We need a fair process

    Example of the 30-day letter being sent

    The Turnbull Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has started sending threatening letters to people seeking asylum in our community.

    These letters risk forcing people to lodge their asylum claims without getting the legal advice they need to have the best chance of being able to rebuild their lives in peace with their families in our community. 

    We need the Turnbull Government to stop sending these threatening letters.

    We need to give people a fair chance, with fair timelines and appropriate legal support, to make the most important application of their lives.

    That’s why we’re asking you to sign this letter to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, calling on him to stop sending the threatening letters and ensure a fair process for people seeking asylum. 

    So, please add your voice today by signing this letter to Prime Minister Turnbull. 

    You can find more information in our ASRC media release and reports in The GuardianFairfax Media and Huffington Post

    GOAL: 2,919 signatures

    Dear Mr Turnbull,

    The reminder letters being sent to people seeking asylum by your Government are creating unnecessary fear and confusion in the community.

    The asylum application process is complex and difficult to negotiate without proper access to legal advice which can make the difference between being successful or having a person's application refused. The letters being sent to people in the community threaten to deny vulnerable people the right to claim asylum, to not renew bridging visas and to cancel support payments.

    The letters your Government is sending force people to choose between lodging their asylum claims without legal advice or risk losing their access to support payments or even the right to ever seek asylum in Australia. It is an unjustifiably harsh approach. Give people a fair chance, with reasonable timelines, and appropriate legal support to make the most important application of their lives.

    People seeking asylum who want to rebuild their lives with their families in our community deserve to have their claims assessed fairly, with the support of lawyers who can help negotiate the complex process the Department of Immigration and Border Protection oversees. This issue shows that we need an asylum process that treats people with and respect and which offers them an opportunity to rebuild their lives in peace in our community.

    A process that treats all people fairly and with respect should:

    - Be clear, efficient and transparent.
    - Be the same for all people regardless of their date or means of arrival.
    - Have a timeframe that allows for proper advice, access to legal help and to fully prepare applications.
    - Restore funding for legal assistance
    - Ensure decisions about asylum are subject to proper review processes and the rule of law
    - Provide permanent residence for people once they have been found to be refugees.

    Our community wants fair treatment for people seeking asylum.

    Please act now. Stop sending these letters.

    Provide people seeking asylum with reasonable timelines and allow them to access the legal support they need.

    Give people a chance of having their asylum claims assessed fairly.

    The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) recognises the importance of protecting the privacy and the rights of individuals in relation to their personal or sensitive information. Our privacy policy and full collection statement is available online at
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